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Holidays and sightseeing in Ardèche

Holidays and sightseeing in Ardèche :
Going out

Exceptional villages to see.

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    Starting with Laurac-en-Vivarais, where our campsite is located. This small rural village is typical of the south of Ardèche and is a good place to soak up the local atmosphere. After a visit to the town centre, don't hesitate to take a walk nearby at the heart of nature.


    Labeaume attracts numerous visitors each year with its river and gorges. Just a few minutes from the campsite (12 km or 16 minutes away by car), you can enjoy a great beach at the foot of a cliff – definitely one of the most charming spots in our area. Go up to the viewpoint to enjoy a unique panorama over the village and the valley, and the chance to get away from it all.


    Balazuc (10 km or 12 minutes away by car) is one of the most beautiful villages in France. The small, narrow streets filled with arches and cobblestoned courtyards make it a must during your holiday.

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    Largentière takes its name from local galena mines ("plomb argentifère" in French). The medieval town is 7 km away, 10 minutes by car. It welcomes visitors for a visit to the castle, church and ramparts. Plus, medieval festivities and events in summer, providing a festive atmosphere that is always a hit with families.


    During your stay, make a detour to visit Ruoms (12 km or 16 minutes away by car). This is a fortified village with colourful streets. You can stroll through the dynamic town centre with a wide range of shops to choose from. The town has an attractive beach and is the starting point for a cycle path. Lastly, on the way to or from the campsite, stop off and see the Défilés de Ruoms. Here the roads have been dug out of the rock and overlook the River Ardèche to provide an original panorama.

    Plenty of other villages have their own attractions, so be sure to visit them!

  • Labeaume village
  • Village of Ruoms
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See the rich heritage of Ardèche during your family holiday

Ardèche is a fascinating region, filled with history and character, and including a number of internationally famous sites.

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Chauvet Cave

This major cave-painting site is home to some of the most famous prehistoric art in the world. The reconstituted Chauvet Cave will immerse you in the world of our ancestors.

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Mont Gerbier de Jonc

Source of France's longest river, the Loire. This extinct volcano with an unusual shape is a favourite spot for climbers and nature-lovers.

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Ardèche Gorges

This is a nature reserve in a valley formed by the River Ardèche, which runs through the region and gives rise to some sublime landscapes.

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Bois de Païolive

This imposing geological structure, over 50 meters high and wide, dominates the river to create an idyllic panorama both during the day and in the evening, delighting photography enthusiasts.


Aven d’Orgnac

Aven d’Orgnac includes a famous cave with countless stalagmites and stalactites shaped by running water. The prehistoric centre will introduce you to the history and daily life of prehistoric peoples.

  • Sports activities in Ardèche
  • Potholing in Ardèche
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Sports activities in Ardèche

Numerous outdoor activities are available to you.

  • Hiking

    Hiking is accessible to everyone. It is one of the favourite ways to enjoy the fresh air and admire the green and colourful scenery in Ardèche. Surrounded by nature, you can take one of the many trails across Ardèche and admire the most beautiful and breathtaking views in the south of France. Treat yourself to a hike at the heart of nature.


    All forms of cycling are on offer in Ardèche. From a family ride along a green way to the steep terrain adapted to mountain bikes, everyone will find what they are looking for. The region has numerous mountain-bike trails, cycling paths and safe routes of all kinds.


    The waterways are adapted to all levels, with some flat and peaceful sections, and others that are more demanding. There are several rivers that are ideal for canoeing (Ardèche Gorges, Chassezac Gorges, etc.).

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  • Canyoning

    For an excursion packed with thrills, this is the ideal activity! Make your way alongside the river, and steer clear of obstacles using natural slides, jumps and appelling descents.

    Climbing, via ferrata

    Both climbing and via ferrata will take you up in the world in the nearby areas with a chance to enjoy a great view. Ardèche can boast a large number of natural sites adapted to all levels with many routes leading up through the cliffs and mountains.


    Do you want to venture down into an underground world? Then potholing is for you. Explore the wonderful landscapes in the cavities just below our feet and make your way through an exceptional landscape that was formed over millions of years.

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Activities nearby in southern Ardèche

Nature in Ardèche provides a wide range of open-air activities. With its craggy landscapes.

But this magnificent, rugged setting is also great for other leisure activities, including hiking and mountain biking.
And not forgetting a wide range of water sports near Les Châtaigniers campsite, ideally located in the south of Ardèche.
Canoeing, kayaking and swimming will give you plenty to do on a sunny summer afternoon.

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Hiking in the south of Ardèche near Les Châtaigniers campsite
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Outdoor sports activities

Descent of the Ardèche Gorges by canoe-kayak (20 km away)
Horse riding
Mountain biking trails

Natural sites to see near Les Châtaigniers campsite in Ardèche
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Natural sites to visit

Cocalière Cave (30 km)
Orgnac Cave (33 km)
Paiolive Wood (21 km)
Saint-Eugène Hike (20 km)

Labeaume village in Ardèche
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Characterful and medieval villages

Montréal (4 km)
Ruoms (9 km)
Balazuc (9 km)
Labeaume (12 km)

Markets in Ardèche
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And also ...

Stroll through summer markets and night markets
Discover the Chauvet 2 Ardèche Cave, a replica of the Chauvet Cave (27 km)

The rivers in Ardèche

Enjoy your holiday in Ardèche

Village of Laurac
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